Salute Your Shorts 1990-1992
Site By: Generation12
As Of 2013 There Is No Plans Of Bringing This Show Onto Media Format Like DVD Or Bluray. Viacom/Nickelodeon Has Said That It Would Cost To Much To Produce The Media In Production Cost That It Would Not Gain Its Value Back As There Is A Small Nitch Market.
That Was Said On The Hills Of The Pete & Pete DVD Release After A 1.2 million Dollar Loss
Viacom Has Released Episodes In 2 Volumes On Itunes & Amazon Digital Downloads In 2010

The Original Cast & Creators Contracts Did Not Have Digital Rights In Them As At That Time Media On Internet Was Scarce. So The Cast Has Not Been Paid Any Residuals Of These Digital Downloads.
  They Are Activley Suing Viacom 
Salute Your Shorts Has Been Resurected To A New Generation Through Fans & Cast Members Who Have Created Sites & Made Available DVD Or Episodes Online Bypassing The Unlawful Partial Owners Of Viacom