(1991) 13 Episodes

Season 1
Ep.1 Michael Comes To Camp
Orig Air Date: 6/1/91
Season 1
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Episode Notes:

Michael Stein Got Hit In Head When Donkeylips Grabs Duffle Bag

In The Theme Song Opener End Sequence In Every Season Donkeylips Hits Telly Radford In The Face On Purpose

This Is The Only Episode In Where Budnick & Donkeylips Say A Fan Favorite Line
"Roasted Toasted & Burnt To A Crisp"

Donkeylips Was Not The Baseball Catcher In This Episode

Donkeylips Ate Rock Hard Macaroni & Chipped A Tooth

Night Bunk Exteriors Are Actually 1/3 Scale Sets Built To Look Real

Kirk Baily Cut His Left Hand On A Ragged Metal While Turning On The Lights In The Raid Sequence