Dr. Kahn
Episodes: Various
Season 1 & 2
The Voice That Ran Camp Anawana His Unique Quips And Situations That Occured Out Of Sight Were As Funny As The Show

Fun Facts

Show Creator Steve Slavkin Was The Voice For Dr. Kahn

The Voice/Charactor Only Came To Life While Editing Episodes Steve Was In Charge Of The Edits And Realized Certain Episodes Were 1 Minute Or Less Short So To Fill In The Space They Used Stock Footage And Wrote Dr. Kahn's Speeches.

Many Early Fans Thought Dr. Kahn Was Voiced By Ben Stein Not True
Episode Wood & Night Scenes Was Filmed Next To A Abandoned Mental Institute In Hollywood Hills
Kirk Baily Passed Out For 10 Minutes Due To Rush Of Bllod In His Head While Hanging From Tree In The Finale Of Episode
One Of The Most Remembered Charactors Zeke The Plumber Was The Killer Custodian Who Sucked Out Your Soul In Your Dreams
Zeke The Plumber
Kirk Baily
Fun Facts:

It Was Based Off Freddy Kruger & A Scary Plumber With A Half Nose That Show Creator Steve Slavkin Saw As A Child
Episode: Zeke The Plumber
Season 1 Ep.2
Zeke Became A Huge Costume With Fans Around The Net With Many Parody Videos & Online Costume Shops That Feature This Charactor

Sara Madre
Edgar Dela Spiella
Episode: The Treasure Of Sara Madre
Season 1 Ep.3
Fun Facts:

Sara Madra Is Actually Beloved Cameraman Edgar Dela Spiella From The Crew. He Was A Unique Man So One Day He Decided To Cross Dress For The Photos Only So Producers Could Save Time & Money On A Model & The Payoff Was That The Crew Got Off Work Early On Friday

This Treasure Episode Is Of A Goonie Movie Influence

During Filming Crew Had To Dig Fox Holes On The Camp Baseball Field To Put Cameras In & They Broke A LA City DWP Watermain instead Of Waiting For Help Or Trying To Stop Leak. Since They Were A Low Budget Show They Quickly Rushed In The Cast And Wrote A Water Main Break Leak Scene & Shot It Before La CIty Workers Arrived -- Its In The Episode
A Obscure Picture Of A Rich Lady From Camp Anawanas Past The Lovely Sara Madre Became Such A Goonie Style Inspiration We Had To Feature Her As A Guest Star 
Mail Lady Mona Tibbs
Episode: Mail Carrier Mona
Season 1 Ep.12
Episode: Park Ranger Mona
Season 2 Ep.11
Mona Tibbs The Smartest/Toughest Civil Worker With A Tender Heart For Doughy Eyed Dimwitted Counselors Named Kevin Lee With Mail From 03666

Fun Facts:
Christine The Actress That Portrayed Mona Tibbs Is A Nickelodeon Favorite She Is The Voice Of The Rugrats Chucky & Dexters Lab Dexter & She Voiced The Most Famous Pig In The World His Name Was Babe From The Acadamy Award Winning Movie.

Had A Cameo With Tom Cruise In Jerry Maguire

While Filming She Was Afraid Of The Lake As She Can Not Swim & Had To Drive A Mail Boat. They Hide 2 Crew Members In The Lake To Assist Her If Emergency They Held Their Breath And Ducked Under Water Before The Traveling Shot
Park Ranger Mona Tibbs
Giant Jim Ginzberg Radio Host
Episode: The Radio Call In Contest & Dina & The Rock Star
Season 1 Ep.7 / Season 2 Ep. 4
Giant Jim The Local Pop Station Radio Host With All The Answers To Life & Prizes

Fun Facts:

Giant Jim Was Voiced By Exec Producer Courtney Conte On A Whim As They Crew Stated He Liked To Yell And He Had Knowledge On Everthing So He Was The Perfect Voice

When The Show Was Filmed Internet Acces Was Not The Standard So Writers Literally Drove To Local Libraries To Get These Answers For The Episode

The Make Up Department Bought A Blue Make-Up For Ug But It Melted Under The Cameras And Did Not Look Blue So They Used Vicks Vaper Rub Mixed With Skin Cream And It Made Actor Kirk Baily Puke From The Heat/Sensation And Smell
Burger Shack Girl
Episode: Donkey & Sponge Weigh In
Season 1 Ep.8
The Tired Lonely Burger Shack Girl Works At A Location That Buys Burgers Never Or 47 Burgers Once A Summer

Fun Facts:

They Made The Burger Shack Out Of A Security Cabin In The Griffith Park Hills

They Had No Burgers So They Just Used Stale Buns From The Local Market On A Discount

It Was Over 100 Degrees On This Day So Actress Was Stewing In The Shack With No AC

The Weight Machine Used In The Episode Broke As Donkeylips Actor Stood On It So They Used That Joke In The Episode To His Shigrin

Donkeylips Had To Run In The Show So He only Ran One Lap And Had Them Reuse Shots As To Not Run On Myultiple Takes Due To His Asthma

We Had Tim Eyster Sponge Eat So Many Bannanas That The Next Day Producers Brought In A Monkey Wrangler With A Young Monkey For The Cast And Crew To Pet And Play
Nurse Julie
Episode: Budnick & Michael Fake Being Sick
Season 1 Ep.9
Nurse Julie The Camps Very Pretty Yet Trusting Nurse That Locks Up Food Since She Previously Worked At A Fat Camp

Fun Facts:

Julie Was A Very Popular Comedian In Many Quality Movies & Tv Shows

She Passed Away In 1997 Due To Cancer

This Episode Used So Much Tin Foil It Actually Disturbed The Crews Radio Signals In Their Walkies

In The Ice Cream Scene The Ice Cream Had Melted So Quickly That The Actors Had To Rush And Eat & Film So Quickly That They Literally Were Sick From The Warm Liquid & Milk Substance

Megan Berwick Or ZZ Recreated The Scene From Poltergeist Of The Young Girl In Front The Static Filled TV Saying "There Here" Scared The Entire Cast/Crew
Episode: Cinderella Play
Season 1 Episode 10
Richie Garber
Richie Garber The Hot Young Stud That Caught Dina Alexanders Heart

Fun Facts:

Yes That Is A 14 Year Old Tom Brady The Star Football Player Of The Patriots. He Had No Lines Therefor Was Never Credited And Forgoten By Most Till Now

Michael Bower Wrote The Mouse Rap About Getting Beat

This Was The First Episode We Had 20 Extras So It Was A Crazy Set

Cinderella Is Copyrighted So We Had To Add Charectors And Refrences To Mislead Network Executives

The Make Up Nose Worn By Telly Was So Real Looking To Her Skin Tone She Kept It Ans Was A Witch That Halloween In Real Life
Mr. Spanakopita
Episode: The Environmental Party
Season 1 Ep.13
This Joyful Greek Immigrant Loves To Be American & Celebrate The Worlds Great Trash That Is His Treasure

Fun Facts:

George Made All The Producers & Casting Directors Dance And Yell OPA in The Auditions So They Hired Him

The Prop Department Needed So Much Trash In This Episode They Asked Crew/Cast To Bring All There Trash From Home But Seperate The Recyclables

ZZ Wears World/Globe Earrings In This Episode She Brought Them In Personnaly As To Tell Everyone If You Listen Closely The World Will Tell You How To Live Happy

Friends The Great NBC TV Show  Producers/Creators Hired Michael Bower Donkeylips For A Episode Of There Show And Revealed That The Phoebe Buffay Charector and Her Crazy Guitar Songs Were Loosely Based Of This Episode Of ZZ Persona & Her Guitar Playing
Barry The Cursed Skull
Jimmy The Bison RIP
The Camp Anawana Caves Cursed Skull

Episode: Clan Of The Cave Girls
Season 2 Ep.18
Fun Facts:

This Episode Was Filmed In The Bronson Caves Where The Original Batmobile From The 60's TV Show Drove Thru In The Opening/Action Sequences --Its The Original Batcave Cool Located In Griffith Park,Ca

Michael Ray Bower Has A Perminent Retina Scratch On His Right Eye As The Sticks From The Casabah Melon Ran Into His Eye While Filming

While The Boys Shake & Make A Secret Society They Constantly Refer To A Word On Camera They Say The Word Slitzy - Slitzy Is A Crazy Freak Charactor From The 1932 Horror Film "Freaks" About Circus Freaks
As Shown To Cast By Danny Cooksey
Randomly Named Charactors
Seaso 1 Ep.9 Budnick & Michael Fake Being Sick

Officer Hill
Greg Sanderson
Gas Station Sandwich Man
Fun Facts:

The Actor Used For These Scenes Was Actually The Off Duty Cop That Protects Our Sets. They Paid Him An Extra $150 To Appear As The Officer Hill

The Officer Is Named After Shows Creators Steve Slavkin Best Friend An Writer Thomas Hill Who Wrote With Steve The Book That Inspired The Show

The Vans Used In These Episodes Were Used & Rented Medical Vans That Have Been Retired. They Broke Down Alot

The Outhouse Used Was Actually Locked Therfore All Donkeylips Line Are Recorded And The Ballon/Condom Joke Was Created In The Sound Room By Michael Bower & Survived The Shows Sensors
The T1000 Was Looking For Budnick
Since He & John Connor Are Friends
Thats Alive Trained Squirrel On His Shoulder
Jamie Mallet Jr.
Episode: Dina & The Rock Star
Season 2 Ep.4
The Justin Bieber Of His Day Jamie Mallet Jr. But He's In The Camp Anawana World & This Stuck Up Star Soon Learns To Be A Kid Not A Celeb

Fun Facts:

Salim Or Jaime Was Also In The Teen Show Saved By The Bell The New Class

The Cast Created A Rock Band For This Episode Called RoadKill Tittle Meaning That They All Sucked As Musicians Besides Danny & Blake That If They Went On The Road They Would Get Killed

Blake,Danny,& Kirk Baily Did An Accostic Version Of Popular 80's Song More Then Words For The Entire Crew After Episode Wrap

The Musical Equipment Used Was All Shipped In By Danny Cooksey & Guitarist Steve Vai

The Food Fight In This Episode Was So Bad That they Set Had To Be Proffessionaly Cleaned
Simon Rex
Episode: Telly & The Tennis Match
Season 2 Ep. 16
The Andy Roddrick Of Tennis @ Camp Anawana This Star Has His Hands Full When He Matches Against Telly Radford

Fun Facts:

Actress Venus/Telly Needed To Be Trained In Some Tennis Activity So They Hired A Tennis Consultant Which Years Later We Found Out Was The Famous Father That Also Taught Venus & Serena Williams

This Episode Has A Great God Father Refrence Which Is Exec Producer Courtney Conte Favorite Movie

This Episode Was Filmed On A Private Mansions Backyard Tennis Court In The Hollywood Hills

34 Tennis Balls & 7 Rackets & 1 Bumble Bee Were Harmed In The Making Of This Episode
Connie Fong
Dorthy Zindel

Randomly Named Charactors
Seaso 2 Ep.16 Telly & The Tennis Match
Made A Paper Racket
Stung By A Bee
Had A Fever/Cold But Watched Telly
Tony Denucci
Patrick Renna
The One/Two Liners
These Actrors Had Very Non Impactful Roles But Are Still Very Non Memorable
Denucci Is Famous For The Sandlot Movies To Bad DonkeyLips Was Filming This Show Other Wise He Mightt Have Been Cast In Sandlot
Flankman Appeared In Multiple Episodes Most Noteably They Camper Who Always Gets The Awfull Waffle & Brain Freezes
Episode: Citizen Pinsky
Season 2 Ep.22
Episodes: Pilot/ Michael Comes To Camp & Anawanna Inc.
Season 1 Ep. 0 & 1 / Season 2 Ep.26
Denucci " Whoa It Looks Like You Wet Your Pants"
Flankman " Whoa Free Ice Lollies & Ahhh No More Ice Lollies"
Henry Lassiter
Kent Flankman
Helga / Suzy Lu
Episode: Sponge Goes On A Date
Season 2 Ep.21
Early Internet Sites Like Match.com Or Love@AOL Brought Helga To Meet Sponge In One Of The First Online Dating/Catfish Type Scenerios On TV

Fun Facts:

This Episode Had The Most Expensive Set Ever On The Show The Theater Set Was Very Amazing To See On A Low Budget Production

Many Kids Today That Have Seen The Show Think That We Hide In A Open Photo Booth Not A Phone Booth As They Dont Know What That Is Thanks To CellPhones

The Computer Used In This Episode Was A School Loaned Apple IIc -In Where The Cast Played " Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego & Oregon Trail" All Day
They Never Found Carmen & They Ran Out Of Water & Food So Our Trail Group Died

Heidi Lucas Actually Slapped Michael Bower For The Sound Effect As She Stated
Randomly Charactors
Seaso 2 Ep.21 Sponge Goes On A Date

Movie Usher
Liddel Chessiay
Sharon Pinsky's Date
Girl Budnick
Nora Engle
Concession Worker
Ellen Kahn
Samantha Jordan
Episode: The Wrath Of Kahn Jr
Season 2 Ep. 21
Dr. Kahn's Unique & Mischevious Nephew Causes Havoc At Ananawana Only To Return The Next Year. Yikes

Fun Facts:

Samantha Jordan The Actor Later In Life Became Samantha Ryan The Hollywood Porn Star
That Explains The Develish Eyes

The Bobby Budnick Method To Success Video On This Episode Was A Parody Of The Popular Late Night Informercials By Asian Tycoon Tom Vu In The 90's

The Toy Train Was A Big Hit With The Cast As They All Loved To See The Train Work. It Inspired Us So Much That That Weekend Certain Cast/Crew Visited Travel Towne Ca, To See Amazing Old Trains

During This Episode The Writers Walked Out In A Contract Dispute
Randomly Named Charactors
Seaso 2 Ep.26 Anawanna Inc.

Jessie Bartlett
The People U May Have Forgot