(1992) 13 Episodes
Fun Facts

Erik Mcarthur(Michael Stein) Had To Leave The Show For Study's And Family So The Show Went Casting For The Pinsky Charactor And In Doing So Certain MTV/Nick Execs Thought Maybe Yearly They Should Have New Campers So An Entire New Cast Every Year. So They Started Casting And Quickly Realized No One Had Any Feelings For The New Actors Since They Have Already Loved The Season 1 Cast & Quickly Negotiated With Original Cast But Cast Heard And Only Signed A One Year Deal Feeling Since There Replacable Why Give Them Multiple Years At A Discounted Rate

Season 2 Budget Went Up From 100k Per Episode To 150k Per Episode Since New Contracts Etc..

MTV/Nickelodeon Felt The 1.7 Million Rating And AD Revenue Was Not Enough To Continue The Show Since They Now Had Nickelodeon Studios In Orlando To Save Cost On Production

Cast Was Not Willing To Relocate to Orlando As Many Were Just Graduating School & Had A Established Home In LA. Creator & Nick Could Not Agree On Shows Future Or Budgets So The Sho Was Cancelled
    Camp Secrets:

Cast Had One Day Of Filming Promos & Ads For Nickelodeon & Many Different Cable & Channel Affiliates For The Season 2 Premere

Rumored Budget Per Actor Was 2k Per EpisodeIn Season 2

During Season 2 Cast Members Went To Disneyland For Fun & Luckily For Them It Was Camp Day And Cast Members Were Mobbed By Fans And Escorted Through Park By Security Officials

3 Cast Members Were Seniors In High School During Filming Season 2 Missing Major Events

Blake & Danny Taught Each Other Music This Year & There Music Careers Flourished

Cast Members Have Grown Real Big By The End Of Season 2 Another Season 3 Contract Concern Per Cancelation

A New Filmed Theme Intro Was Filmed For Season 2
Secret Society Info

Show Started Winning Awards This Year 1992 After Cancelation

Writers Left Nickelodeon To Pursue Better Employment At NBC & Fox With This Shows Success

Many Cast Members Went On To Acting Success After This Show Ended

Some Cast Members Do Not Like To Deal With This Show Only Cause They Have Clearly Moved On & Are Not Ready Yet To Relive At This Moment In Time

This Is The Only Show With The Word Fart In Its Theme Song Ever

3 Major Motion Pictures Have Refrenced This Show In Their Movie Somehwere?

What's An Awfull Waffle?
A= Its When You Do Something Wrong And Campers Get A Tennis Racket,Syrup,Butter And They Open Your Chest/Stomach
Push Down With Racket To Create A Waffle Impression Then Pour Butter & Syrup On You --So Your A Human Waffle And It Feels Awfull

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