Season 1
Season 2
(1991) 13 Episodes
                             Fun Facts:

Original Pilot Was Filmed In 1990 A Year Previous To This Show Wating For Nickelodeon To Pick Up The Show & Once Word Came The Original Actors Were Getting Older So The Network Decided to Recast  & Alongside The New Actors Danny,Michael,Kirk All had to audition Again As They Were In The Originall Piliot Most Actors Had To Audition Multiple Times And For Various Roles

This Series Was Nickelodeons First Non Studio Produced On Loacation Series

Show Premered To A 1.7 Nelson Million Viewers Rating

We Had Nominations For Our Cast & Directors For Ace Awards & Teen Choice

We Filmed 7 Episodes & Broke Production & Awaited Nickelodeon To Back Order The Final 6

The Cast On Their Sound Stage Had Only 3 Rooms So The Actors Shared Girls In 1 & Boys In Other -The Bunked In Life Aswell

The Kids Had To School 4 Hours A Day Per SAG Rules So They Built A Classroom Outside The Stage & While On Location They Found Any Spaces Avail To Study
                   Camp Secrets:

1= There is a Rubber Chicken With A Ciggarette In Its Mouth In Every Episode Hidden Somewhere But Visible

2= There Is One Extra Girl Who Flashes Her Breast In A Background Scene She Wears A Red Camp Shirt

3= The Boom Mic Is Visable In 6 Episodes

4= There Is A Marijuana Plant In 2 Episodes In The Shrubbage

Salute Your Shorts Indirectly Spawn 3 Popular Series Friends,That 70's Show, Camp Rock

There Is Never One Official Cabin In Our Show Its All Models Or Stages

7= We Had 4 Official Food Fights

A Virus Swept Through Cast/Crew On Season 1

No Official Press Or Nickelodeon Photagraphy Was Done In Season 1

Shows Aired Out Of Order On Nickelodeon
With Episode 3 First Then 2 & 1
Secret Society Info

The Show Had A Budget Of 100K Per Episode

Show Employed A Crew/Cast Of 39

Reebok Sponsored Our Clothing In Season 1

British Knight Sponsered Our Shoes In Season 2

Show Bought A Travel BBall Court For Sound Stage

Show Had A Masseuse To Massage Crew Weekly

Often Bought Sushi For Crew/Cast

Had A Visit From Robin Leach

Often Had Animal/Bug Wranglers

Cast Went To Florida To Visit Nickelodeon Studios

Cast Appeared On Multiple Nickelodeon Game Shows

Cast Was Escorted By Motorcycle Police To Dodger Stadium For A Charity Event


Season 2