Anawana Staff 1990-1992
We Salute The Entire Crew That Made This Amazing Show Possable.

Show Creators
Steve Slavkin
Thomas Hill
Steve & Thomas Wrote A Book Called Salute Your Shorts In 1988 About The Weird Things That Happen At Summer Camp That They Attended Together As Friends.

Steve Pitch The Show To Nickelodeon & They Said Film It And We Will See. So Steve & Thomas Funded The Original Piliot & Nickelodon Execs Raved And Pick Up The Show For Half A Season

Randall Miller
Jefferson Kibbie
Bryan Spicer
Larry Lipton
Gino Teneascu
Mike Finny
Jay Dubin
4 Episodes
10 Episodes
3 Episodes
2 Episodes
2 Episodes
1 Episode Each
Some Amazing Directors For A Kids Show

Director Bryan Spicer Was Nominated For An Ace Award For Best Director For Episode Citazen Pinsky

Peter Baldwin
3 Episodes
Steve Slavkin
Courtney B Conte & Larry Shapiro
Tim Clawson
Matt Loze
Janice Ferrell
Jalee Lind

Producers Make Everthing Happen From Hiring To Budget To Getting It All Filmed,Copywritten, Everything

They Yell & Get Stressed Alot But They Help Make/Create Magic
They Found Cash In The Budget To Fit Our Crews Needs,Like Sushi,Massuese,BBall Court. They Made Us Happy To Work
Douglas Tuber
Steve Slavkin
Tim Maile
Many People Ask How The Writers Came Up With These Charector Names & They Stated On One Occasion Blame Mary Jane

Steve Went On To Create More Shows Like USA High & Running The Halls For NBC

Tim & Doug Partnered Up & Later Created Hermans Head & That 70's Show On Fox

Meg Liberman
Marc Hirschfield
Michael Katcher
Michael Koegal
These Casting Gods Have Proven Why These Shows Are So Good With Talent

Meg & Marc Went On To Cast Friends On NBC Where They Brought In & Cast DonkeyLips(Michael Bower) To Play As Monica's Boyfriend In The HighSchool Flash Backs In Multiple Episodes

Michael Katcher Went On To Cast The Wonder Years & Again Michael Bower(Donkey Lips) Was Hired For Multiple Episodes

Michael Koegal Casted Many Nickelodeon Series Such As Clarissa & Pete & Pete He Later Was Nickelodeons Head Of Talent From 2000-2006

Michael Spicer
Edgar Dela Esperiella
Michael Ozier
These Cameraman/Director Of Photagrapher Were The Hunks On The Set In One Form Or Another With Edgar Being The Class Clown Everyone Loved These Guys

Edgar Was The Sara Madre Mistress In The Treasure Of Sara Madre Episode

The Show Used 2 BETA-Cam 500hl17 Cameras

Steve Love
Michael Kelly
Ellen Hofstader
Stacy Litoff & Jeanette Connelly
Jalee Lind
Kim Downey
Mark Levy & Mike Alamao
Deborah Marrs & Robert Leveen
Stage Mgr
2nd Stage Mgr
Asst Cord
Various Assistants
These Amazing People Were Our Stage & Office Bosses They Took Care Of Everything Production Related & Made Filming A Breeze

One Day We Had An Earthquake 5.7 Scale And These Crew Members Handled All The Damage & Structure Procedures And Had Us Back Filimg In Less Then 2 Hrs

Love You Guys

Stage Mgr
Nicholas Caprio
Head Mgr
Script Supervisors
Andrea Sherman
Nancy Walker
Kate Lewis
Mary Braun
Kim Pendergrast
Nancy Freidman
The Only Reason The Shows Came In On Time & Had Movement  & Stage Continuity Plus The Lines Were Corrected During Filming Were These Bundles Of Actors Joy

Actors Hate Script Supervisors Not Personally But They Have To Correct Actors Mistakes Movements From Take To Take And They Change Things On Actors Last Minute -Yuck

But There There For Quality & Continuity So We Thank You

Jyl Moder
Michelle Moder
Kim Ladd
Tammy Stevenson
EveryBody Loves The Wardrobe Girls There Usually All The Mens Favorite

They Constantly Have To Shop,Hem,Create,Iron,Cut,Fix,File,Make Sure Actors Stay Clean,Etc.. They Have A Hard Job Think Of All The Food Fights & Dirty Clothing/Costumes On This Show That Had To Be Managed Maintaned Etc.. Wow

These Woman After Work Wrapped Would Lock There Office Doors Blast Pop Music And Party --

Make Up/Hair
Christina Bartolucci
Jennifer Walder
Suzanne Willet
Cathy Yammamoto

Just Like With Wardrobe The Make Up/Hair Women Are Just As Popular

Every Morning They Have To Deal With Tired Actors & Efx Get Them Ready On Time And Fix Any Issue With Dirt Or Skin

They Take Alotta Hair & Continuity Pictures And They Started A Polaroid College In Their Room It Got So Big And In Every Picture The Actor Would Have To Do Something Silly With Face So Needless To Say It Was A Interesting Collage LOL

Oh They Single Handedly Kept Carmex & Base Powder In Business
Georgia Grado
Art Design/Sets
Ed Alton
Teri Berwick
Anthony Bashfords
Nicholas T. Preovolos
Beau Petersen
Robert Devico
Gwen Ewart
Charley Cabrera
All The Muisc You Hear Is From This Man
All Those Classic Horns And Unique Camp Music Etc.Thank This Man
They Built A Camp Inside A Converted Warehouse In North Hollywood,Ca

All Interiors & Logos & Sets Were Constructed By These Amazing People On A Seriusly Shoe String Budget

All Actors Were Safe On Their Sets

She Is ZZ Mother She Loved Taking Pictures Of The Cast & Crew With Her New Camera -They Just Hired Her -Thank ls To Her We Have All Thest Crew And Cast Shots On Set-We Love & Thank U

Ken McLaughlin
Michael Guske
Patrick Orsbun
Randy Gomez
Steve Marshall
Nicholas Basich
Craig Plachy
David Zaremba

Actors Were Mic'd Up,Plus Mixers & Boom Operators Can Hear Everything Even
When On Stand By. So Imagine The Reality Show Drama Stuff They Have Heard

The 110 Pound Sound Cart Full Of Equip Needed To Go Up A Big Hill So 5 Crew Members Lifted Up & Dropped 40k In Equpment--Nothing Broke
Sound Department

Christopher Lahoda
Frank Bertolino
Bob Deadwyler
Nancy Lazarus
Jeff Caulfield
Before A Exterior Is Filmed These Scouts Have To Find/Secure The Vision For The Director Or Show At Various Locations Before One Is Even Picked
So Every On Screen Camera Or Tv Set Or Archived Footage & Any Tech Or Unique Features Is Compiled By This Guy
Every Piece Of Food Or Random Piece Of Scripted Garbage anything The Actors Have To Use In The Scripts Is Bought,Filed And Maintained By These Guru's

Eg. Harry The Hippo,Food For Fights,Backpacks,Bags,Chairs,Flags, Etc..

After Making 20 Birdhouses For The Final Episode When We Wrapped The Show --We Set Up A Bon Fire & Used The Bird Houses As The Wood . While We Said Goodbye To Camp

Grips/Gaffers/Swing/Best Boy/Electric/Lighting
Kimo Easterwood
Anthony Anderson
Brett Bagley
Rob Greenlea
Kevin Mcneil
Brian 'Wheat' Villegas
Sven Eklund
John Beran
Matt Hirte
Mark Sadler
John Philion
John Patrick
J Chadwick Bowlin
Robert Merril
Kurek Ashley
Juan E Morse

As You Can See These Guys Are The Hardest Workers On The Set. LOL

Seriously They Are. They Handle All The Physical Moving & Setting Up Of All Equipment Cables,Lighting,Etc..

They Are The Grunts As The Marines Would Say
Craft Service/Catering
Sharon Mckeague
Action Teaching
Jan Cerwonka
Joanne Stanulonis
Lauren Shipton
Tammy Wood
Linda Farrell
Cathy Sullivan
Season 1
Season 2

Shows That Hire Children Under 18 Must Have A Teacher On Set Daily In Which Kids Must Go To School For A Minumum Of 3 Hours And Never Work More Then 8 Hours Including School

Many Young Actors That Work Alot Usually Get Home Schooled Or Tutored Missing Out On All The Real Cool Things Of A Regular School
Crew & Cast Get Hungary Always 24/7 Thats Where Craft Service Comes In The Have Food Avail All Day For Snacks Etc..

Catering Must Prepare Whole Meals While Filming & Crews Must Be Broken To Eat A Meal Ever 5 Hours -So Normally A Breakfest When Arrival & A Lunch & A Dinner

We Were Spoiled On Our Set We Had Chicken Fish Steak Daily With Many Dessert And Sides. You Name It We Had It --
A Happy Crew Is A Award Winning Crew
'         Courtney B Conte 1990
Production Assistants (PA)
Lydell Cheshier
Gena Desclos
Maura Mckewon
Paul Taglianetti
Gregory Valente
Collin Wood
Martin Hilton
John Patrick
Ian Green
Jamie Ronnei
Justin Stolo
Ted Buchanan
Jeannie Franz
Tamar Hurowitz
Paul Shapiro
Jimmy D Donaruma
Khalil Ghannam
Liam Clark
Richard Huggard

The PA's Do All The Little Things That Add Up Every Single Side Job Plus Looking Out For Talent Needs,Crew Needs & Everything
They Come In B4 & Leave After 15Hr Days For Very Little Money

Interns Work For No Money Just The Resume Or Experiance As A Way To Get Into That Job Market
Post Production
Tim Amyx
Haines Hall
Richard Labrie
Diane Davis
Scott Carelton
Pamala Ross
Susan Applegate

Every Day They Have To Cut Up & Organize All The Shoots,Scenes,Takes,Sync The Audio,Etc..

The Edit A Rough Cut Then The Director Works With Him To Make A Final

Tim Amyx Saved All The Mistakes & Jokes & Compiled A Blooper Reel On His Own Time & Out Of His Heart

Thats Dedication Thanks Tim
Post Production Supervisors & Cordinators
Make Sure The Editing,Sound Gets Done & Presented To Network On Time & Budget
Assistants Help Cut Small Scenes Or The Paperwork & Online Get All The Footage Deliverd Whether It Be Online Or Courier To Far Away Big Shots For Dailys Or Screenings
Post Facility
Premore Inc.
Nickelodeon Reps
Kathrine Seitz
Jay Mulvany
Brown Johnson
Special Thanks
British Knights
Franklin Canyon Resovoir
Griffith Park Boys Camp
William O Douglas Outdoor Center
Calimigos Ranch
Bronson Caves
Griffith Park Bird Sanctuary
Production Company

This Was The Entire Company Behind All The Great Quality Crew We Had So Nickelodeon & Fans From Salute Your Shorts Thank You
90's Nickelodon Was So Entertaining & Successfull As The Above Reps Where The Ones That Found The Ideas Approved The Shows & Ran Nickelodeon In The 90's
  Every Fan In America Thanks You & Wants You Guys Back At Nick.
Companies That Helped Our Show Get Made
Lighting & Grip Company
Just Fun Shots Of Us & Crew
More Photos On Set in Our Gallery
Sara "Padre" Madre
The Lost Anawana Boys
Subtle Flirting
A Wheat Sandwich
A Bean Sandwich
Lets Shoot SYS