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Salute Your Shorts 20 Year Anniversery Reunion 2012
Reunion 2014 LA & NY
Salute Your Shorts Is Back On TV
For Summer 2014-2015
On Teen Nick's New Time Slot Called
"The 90's Are All That"
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Salute Your Shorts
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4/25/14 Updated Store & DVD & Bluray Links
New 90's Nickelodeon Book Out Sept 2013
SLIMED! An Oral History of Nickelodeon's Golden Age tells the surprisingly complex, wonderfully nostalgic, and impressively compelling story of how Nickelodeon -- the First Kids' Network -- began as a DIY startup in the late 70s, and forged ahead through the early eighties with a tiny band of young artists and filmmakers who would go on to change everything about cable television, television in general, animation, and children's entertainment, proving just what can be done if the indie spirit is kept alive in the corporate world of contemporary media... All from those who made it happen!

4/22/14 Update Store & Added EPisodes
This Is A Garbage Pail Kid Inspired Anawana Kids Card Set (Limited Edition) 500 Only
Garbage Pail Kid Pardoy Card (Donkeylips)
1 Garbage Pail Kid Parody Card Of Donkeylips 1A &
1 Garbage Pail Kid Parody Card Of Michael Bower 1B
Salute Your Shorts Reunion ?
@ Stanlee Comikaze Con
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